Legacy Asset Investment Group was established with the desire and goal to help others achieve long term inflation protection, asset equity generation and passive income cash flow to achieve financial freedom and avoid the rat race of living paycheck to paycheck.

Company Background

Tyson’s first real estate investment was a vacant parcel of land in 2005 when “you couldn’t lose” in the real estate market. This first acquisition became the impetus for a career in real estate brokerage, commercial appraisal, assessment appeal, property investment, and property management.

Tyson’s “hands-on” education in real estate began with laying mulch, tearing off roofs, painting, and other laborious activities in the middle school and high school years along with enlisting in the Army National Guard in his senior year of high school and later cross-training into the Wisconsin Air National Guard for a stint with the military that lasted more than 8 years.

Tyson's formal education began at UW-Whitewater under the guidance and direction of Dr. Howard Olson; Professor Emeritus at University of Wisconsin Whitewater and a student of the famous James A. Grasskamp.

Upon Graduation from UW-Whitewater Tyson transitioned his internship status to full-time employment with an established commercial real estate appraisal firm and later transitioned to another employer to gain additional insight for real estate appraisal, brokerage and investment.

In 2010, Tyson was called up for active duty with the United States Air Force, and while being deployed he was able to coordinate the purchase of his first real estate investment with his first and continued current business partner. Upon his honorable discharge form the military, Tyson started his own commercial real estate appraisal company and later expanded into real estate brokerage, assessment appeal, and property acquisition.

Numerous investment opportunities for Tyson came to follow, as the real estate market continued to be depressed, with the acquisition of a farm, a multiple-unit rental property, the acquisition of his appraisal office headquarters, speculative out-of-state investments and the development of a self-storage facility.

Many acquisitions were sought after over the years for the financial gain from the sheer determination of sweat equity, tenacity, and grit with properties being purchased from banks, distressed sellers, failed partnerships and off-market transactions.

Currently, Tyson is working with others to help them achieve financial freedom through the selective investments of cash-flowing, income-generating assets.

Lead Investor and Advisor Tyson Hall had the fortunate experience of being exposed to hard work and real estate investments at an early age. Tyson grew up on a family farm on most weekends and summers in his childhood years. When not in school, he spent weekdays at the family lumber business and helping collect change from the washers and dryers of the apartments his Grandfather owned.

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